This is a cute little…presentation, i’ll call it. It involves the song “I Can See Clearly Now The Rain Has Gone”

i have a joke for you:
Two Mexican detectives were investigating the murder of Juan Gonzales.
“How was he killed?” asked one detective.
“With a golf gun,” the other detective replied.
“A golf gun!? What is a golf gun!?”
“I don’t know…but it sure made a hole in Juan.”

wehl then! oh, ello theh chap! pleasant weatheh, eh? mk. lol. “mk.”.
alright! AH enough. there was a sissy boy fight on the bus today that
the bus driver (naylor) didn’t even notice. and if he did he didnt do
anything about it. but ok, like two 7th or 8th graders wanted to fight
this freshman. two IDIOT middleschoolers. first of all, the whole idea
is proposterous and retarded to say the least. then the one 7th or 8th
graders goes back there and they start throwing “punches” if you want
to call it that *rolls eyes*. and everyone’s just watching. lauren
yelled back there “is it a real fight?” and someone answered “yes!”
then she goes “then why aren’t you breaking it up!?” and they go “cuz i
want to see it!” and that person is an idiot too. i was about to go
back there and whip them both up good. goodness. stupid boys, stupid
little kids. then they decided to stop fighting. G-U-H. it’s too
stupid. it’s making me mad. today was A LOT better than yesterday! even
though i uh…yeah…was…yeah…but yesterday was just bad. 2 hour
delay and the teachers piled homework on us…well, some people didnt
have it bad…but i had a lot…but i finished like half of it at
school and then i came home and finished the world cultures questions
then took notes on the first 3 pages of shakespeare…there was like 7
pages! but i got the rest of the notes in class cuz we went over them.
yesss another spare. hopefully it will snow tonight or tomorrow or both
and we’ll have no school. we should go out and do the snow dance! but
i’m not giving you details about the snowdance…lol…L8r n Love,