last night i went out with jesse bobby and kristine to a chinese
restaurant then to the bowling place then to walmart to wait on the
bowling place then back to the bowling place and we bowled. the first
game me and jesse won. the second game kristine and bobby won b/c
kristine was getting SOOO lucky…lol. but then, i arrived home and
went upstairs and got my shower and then got back in my room then was
pondering whether to go downstairs and eat a snack or not. so i finally
decided to so i went down and ate then went back upstairs and brushed
my teeth then got in bed and read bible reading…and for the past 3
weeks lisa has made a deal for us to read the bible for 20 minutes on
our own not including bible reading every night. well before i could
even find the place where i was going to read from i fell asleep–my
lamp still on and everything (at 1-something a.m.). so i woke up at
7-something a.m. in the SAME position i fell asleep in and everything
as i left it–including the CD paused. so then i went to the bathroom
came back and put things away and put the covers on and turned off the
lamp and went to sleep and woke up at like 10-something and went back
to sleep…and then woke up a few minutes later…did this twice i
believe. then woke back up an hour later and decided to get up. crazy
stuff…i think crazy is the word of the week. L8r n Love, Andee