it’s only tuesday, i know, but it’s been a rather ordinary
week…however, being the conniving person i am, i didn’t use any hall
passes last week…so i used them all this week. and i think i’ll just
use my other three the rest of the week. how awesome is that? 6 passes
in a week. that’d be a record. ooo there’s something else. AH YES! i
drove for an HOUR today! the first in 2 1/2 months. an hour though!
that’s the most i’ve driven in one outing. uh…but i uh…pulled out
in front of somebody in the heat of traffic and a stop sign and all
that stuff. man i felt so bad. i just kept looking in my rearview
mirror thinking “i’m sorry, buddy”. cuz, ok. there was a ton of traffic
and i was finally pulled up to the stop sign and there was this guy
driving down the road straight ahead who was going to turn right…i
was going to turn left and i thought well, i’m already stopped and he’s
not stopped yet (but i guess he didnt have a stop sign) so he was going
to turn and i already was turning so yeah. the guy had to put on his
breaks. but i mean, i’m driving a monster! a huge chevy truck. nothing
against cherolets—nothing at all. chevys are the best vehicles. alrighty then! two hour delay tomorrow! i’m excited! L8r n Love, Andee