you wouldn’t believe what i did yesterday even if i told you so i just
won’t tell you. i’ve been having weird dreams lately. like two nights
ago (i think) i dreamed about a diseased cow. and then i know i had a
weird dream like last night or the night before but i dont remember!
but listen to this…you’d think it was a song but really, it’s my
thoughts on a certain jerk:
i dont want to accept your stupid proposal and i dont know what your
motives are for opening this sore back up but quit its been very happy
i dont number bliss so i dont know how long its been you must miss the
depression dump so much, eh?
let me explain it since you probably don’t understand. this person got
mad at me for something really stupid and then i just stopped talking
to him and then today he tried talking to me again wanting me to
apologize. he said it’s been four months since we’ve talked. i said
i’ve been happier since he’s not talking to me because he used to just
dump all of his problems on me. now that i’m gone, he has none. that
explains it. no school today–second snowday in a row. two hour delay
for tomorrow. i made up a new phrase “in-the-pink and posing”. it’s so
awesome! (for those who don’t know what in-the-pink is…look it up) ok
i need to go L8r n Love, Andee

Andee: but out of the whole population of girls
Andee: what made me stand out
Jesse: you.
Jesse: i had kelly still slightly on my tail and i have girls asking me to hang out at college.
Jesse: but you…
Jesse: something was different.
Jesse: this was in auguest for you info
Andee: august isnt exactly “fall for andrea” month
Jesse: auguest was push all girls aside and watch this girl.
Jesse: spetember was fall for andrea.
Andee: october?
Jesse: get comfortable around her month.