XIANG JIAO! that’s chinese for BANANA. how do i know? well, i’ll tell you. i went grocery shopping with my mom the other day and i brought lunch. well, while waiting out in the car for her, i was eating. i brought a cherry vanilla dr pepper, a peanut butter sandwich, and a banana. well i ate the peanut butter sandwich and i wasnt ready for the banana yet. mom had a chinese fortune cookie in the car that had been there for forever so i decided today was the day i would eat it. so i did and on the back of the slip of paper it had the translation for banana! then i ate the banana.
i remember the other weird dream! i remembered it last night before i went to sleep! ok. the dream was my sister was getting married (even though in real life she’s already married) to this guy waaay older. but at the “wedding” all of the girls lined up and he got to choose (if he really loved her he would choose her) and it started getting stormy outside and i dont remember much else. and that’s it. L8r n Love, Andee