i think jesse is the only one who reads this besides myself. i like to
go back and read stuff…this is kinda like a diary except i leave out
the secrets and i’m not writing it by hand. but in my REAL diary, i
read through that almost everytime i write in it (man, i’ve come a
looong way) and on December 17th, 2005 jesse first entered my diary as
one who i could see myself going out with (wasn’t the only one, mind you ). which is weird. but i
remember when i was a freshie and i would go up to jesse everytime i
could and say “JOHNSON!”. and he threw a mayonaise packet at me once
because i put mayonaise in my hair once to see if it would condition
it…and i didnt know you were supposed to shampoo after it and my hair
was like i put oil in it the next day so i braided it and you couldn’t
even tell. but deidre (who had done the mayo thing BEFORE ME) goes to
school and tells everybody and i get called “miss mayonaise” and blah
blah. didn’t really bother me except the part that SHE DID IT FIRST and
left out that detail. so it was pretty much she just wanted to make me
embarrassed, but it didn’t, only made me annoyed that she only said i
did it and swayed it to seem weird. but, i guess it is weird if you’ve
never read that it’s a great moisturizer. it smelled REALLY BAD. you
gotta leave it on for 15-20 minutes and it just starts stinking and
running down your back…blech. okie dokie then. no school today due to
weather. L8r n Love, Andee

oh, and jesse, you’re not getting your Valentine’s present till Friday, maybe…if i can get people to cooperate.