last night i gave jesse his valentine present. i made him dinner. i
made no-tomato lasagna (which was really good…and ended up GONE) and
breadsticks…which were huge…but really good none the less. and in a
rush, i made no bake cookies and they didnt set so sara made another
batch and all was well. and we watched “finding nemo” and “anaconda”.
deidre and brice were there, as well as ken, but mom and dad were gone
visiting teresa in the hospital. she has leukemia. but deidre had just
had her wisdom teeth cut out and had a bunch of bloody gauze and all
that and was walking off the drugs and numb and stuff. but yesterday it
took liiike 5 hours for everything to be done…but that’s because i
took breaks in between waiting for things to raise or cook or boil or
whatever…or just waiting so it’d still be warm when jesse got there
PROMPTLY at 6:00pm. what a ninny. but into our dinner, the “bouncer”
(as dad called her; sara) came and ate manwich that mom made before she
left and just hung with us. it was a pretty cool night. today i was
REALLY a bum though…i got in bed last night about 2am and so i woke
up at 11:30am probably and refilled the humidifier. then went down and
ate Life cereal and then kind of crashed in front of the tv. then
deidre crashed beside me and i think she fell asleep so i didnt want to
get up. so i got to watch “A Walk To Remember” and “10 Things I Hate
About You” on TBS. and so. it snowed alot and mom’s bday is tomorrow. i
was supposed to make the cake but noooooooooooooooo my sister amy has
to but in and take my job. so now i’m left jobless unless i call sara
(and she’s home to TAKE the call) and ask if she needs rolls made (mom
suggested since the ones i made last night were “so good”). i can’t
believe she stole my flipping job. you see, we’re doing a whole
surprise thing (shhh nobody tell) and we were given jobs. my brother
brad came up with it and he totally underestimated me. he said me and
ken could make the cake and “deidre could you help out”. PUHLEEZ! i
could make it myself. ken wouldnt know what to do with himself and
deidre had her teeth cut out. psh. he thinks i can’t do it. psh!
everybody’s like that! and omgn i’m always the first person accused of
something. for example (por exemple) last night, mom found deidre’s
straightener on in the bathroom. “ANDREA! DID YOU LEAVE THE
STRAIGHTENER ON!?” “no, mom. my straightener is in MY ROOM.” but last
night sara’s like “well now that we know you can cook, you can come
over and help me make dinner tomorrow” (for mom…). yeah. well. it’s
dark out now. ummm i’m going to go L8r n Love, Andee