two nights ago i had a dream that mom was sending me to arizona for 30
days as a vacation i guess…alone…and i was all clueless as to when
my flight left and i was on a school bus and the busdriver was getting
all annoyed that i didnt know if i should get off at my house or not.
then last night i had a dream…but i don’t remember what it was. i
remembered this morning but forgot by now. so jesse…i heard what
happened when you watched ghost…tst baby. i kinda like it. i can’t get a
flipping new pic on my other site! it’s making me mad! i really don’t
want to get back into school schedule. i really dont. REALLY. i let req
out of his pen today and played with him…and maya, nillo, and wink.
but wink was being all anti-social. nillo was being really social and
trusts me way more than wink does! and he hissed and growled and swung
at req multiple times while wink just stayed out of reach way up high.
i’ve been bragging alot about what jesse got me for valentine’s
day…anyways i should get off here since i’ll have school tomorrow.
psh. well i watched “How to lose a guy in 10 days” and some of “Patch
Adams” on USA. brice called deidre all sobby cuz he’d watched “A walk
to remember”. lol. alrighty then! it totally feels like i’m forgetting
something but L8r n Love, Andee

i gave jesse his first hair massage last night.