why do my dreams keep getting weirder and weirder? ick. my dream last night involved kissing a girl. have any idea how GROSS and ODD that IS!? AHHH. okay never talk about that again. ever. today was kind of–well–boring as usual i guess. we keep having free days in stomp. ken just threw a fit that i got on here. see, he’s been on the laptop for like 3 hours and 45 minutes. well, he decides to go downstairs and says “you know what you can have the laptop” (b/c when we were downstairs i was being nosey like he does to me when he watches me on there so he came upstairs…well i finished eating and came upstairs and he got so paranoid that he said i could have it) and so he went downstairs and i watched some tv and then i looked at the computer: rich had got off. so i’m like hey, i’ll multitask. tv + computer. so i got on here and he came up screeching at me that he said he was going to get on (which he didnt) and then he started punching the big red ball at the top of the stairs and we went downstairs. and now CSI is on and i’m kind of watching it. mom yelled up the stairs that i have to be in the shower by 7…probably because ken went down there blowing everything out of proportion and making me seem like the bad guy–which he always does when he doesnt get what he wants. i could hear his raised voice. and he’s so annoying because he never shuts up–i mean about anything! if he doesnt have anything interesting in his life to talk about (ha…doesnt happen often at all) then he talks about tv or movies or games…so he talks about that alot. he always seems to tie in something from a movie–like he always ends up on that topic. i rant alot, you know? but it’s a release. it’s so dreary outside *siiigh*. i about wrote a poem today but everytime i’d think about it i’d get side tracked and forget. the day’s not done yet! ok enough for now. L8r n Love, Andee