really dont have anything exciting going right now…Grease is this
weekend (aka tomorrow and saturday) and i have tickets for
saturday…two tickets…one for me and one for the first guy to charm
me. lol. i’m kidding the other’s for jesse. we have C3 and C4. we’re on
the right side and the 3rd row back, babe. i’m sitting here listening
to Bloodhound Gang and Ali & AJ. chilling. drinking a cup of milk.
it’s really ick outside! oh! i wrote a story in spanish today about a
donkey falling in love with a pinata but that’s besides the point! oh,
6th and 7th periods today i had tape over my mouth. you know what?
people don’t have common sense! they’d walk up to me and ask me “why do
you have tape on your mouth?” DUH I CANT TELL YOU MY MOUTH IS TAPED
SHUT. and a few people made cracks about how i couldnt say anything to
them. but i think cj and vinny can read me pretty well. most people are
clueless when i was making noises and gestures in an attempt to
communicate. i think by my voice though, if you know me, you’d be able
to guess pretty well what i was meaning because i realized today that i
do that; i have a pattern of voice tones and stuff for certain
situations and feelings and stuff. but i took off the tape when i got
home and it HURT. i took pics before i took it off though :D. we got
the forms for filling out what classes we’re going to take next year. i
think i’m taking CP Eng. III, Trig/Pre-Calc, Chemistry, Spanish III,
STOMP, Psychology, and Study Hall. my alternatives are Chorus,
Parenting/Advanced Food, and Composition I. it’s raining right now.
welp, L8r n Love, Andee