now i’ll elaborate on one of the things i talked about. the spit wad.
we were in a McDonald’s booth, Jesse across from me, Kristine next to
me, Bobby across from Kristine. Jesse gets the bright idea to shoot a
spit wad at me. he misses and hits the booth behind me like 6 inches
from my left arm (i’m on the inside of the booth with my right side next to the wall) so i’m like “you
wanna play that game? i won’t miss.” and i asked Kristine where she
wanted me to hit him and she said between the eyes but i was like
“nah…open your mouth Jesse.” so he finally did. i took a few seconds
to look down my straw and aim and i shot! it goes straight in his
mouth, bounces off his tongue, and comes back out. he starts gagging.
lol! but before all of THAT we were in the movie parking lot and then
Bobby and Jesse went in to get the tickets then we were going to eat.
well, i got the bright idea to lock them out. we had them locked out
for probably 15 to 20 minutes, them trying everything to get in–screw
drivers, through the trunk, through the inch that i rolled down the
window (i ended up rolling their fingers up in the window) all the
while threatening with certain items in the trunk. and the funny thing
was, before they got out of the car, Bobby gave his “key” (a pocket
knife) to Kristine and i had 3 pocket knives in my purse so we were
loaded. so we just sat there mocking them and laughing at them and
talking to them while they were trying to get in. then jesse went back
in the building and i came up with unlocking the doors to see how long
it would take for him to catch on. he didn’t. bobby had to talk over
the hood at him and ruin it. but oh well, it was fun! i think i’m gonna
start a new thing on here instead of “L8r n Love, Andee
“. i’ll make it something shorter. i want suggestions!