friday night i watched The Notebook with jesse and deidre (b/c brice
refused to watch it) and we cried. then i dreamed and i remembered it
last night but i guess i forgot now. and last night i had a dream that
ken was like 3 and i was like 6 and we were back in the woods on a farm
lookin in the stream and it was our farm and then mom called us to the
house and we had 5 big dogs. in my dream i asked mom what they were and
i think she said part dalmation, part hound. they were really sweet
though. and this morning at church georgie told me she had a dream with
me in it last night. she said we were all in a plane and i was the
pilot, then as we were landing a tornado happened and i saved us all.
yep *sigh* that’s me. and our phone line is down because in town, a
telephone wire was somehow severed…the church has no electric as
well. what else…oh! yesterday i washed my sheets and comforter and
folded towels and practically had the house to myself. then me and sara
went to walmart and then came home and i ate mcdonalds outside and the
female cat was in a cage so i fixed her a box, litter, and a food/water
dish. and i have to figure out all of this cat stuff…i need to search
the “cat estrus cycle” lol. okay, called a “queen”…increased
affection…loud vocalization…sticking butt out…spraying vertical
surfaces…2-3 weeks about every 3 weeks Feb.-Dec….as early as 4th
month of life…i think i got it. i wish i could remember that dream
though! today we went to the highschool and played some bball. me,
todd, bobby, vinny, ken, craig. i have the closest thing to a black eye
i’ve ever had b/c todd knocked my glasses up and i have a bruise right
above my right eye…it gave me a headache. alrighty i better go and
eat! no one
has given me advice on what to close with! so for now i’ll do my
regular thing…L8r n Love, Andee