second day of OGT. math. today was alot better than yesterday (reading)
but it took me like 30 minutes longer! but i was kind of interested
about doing the math and i didnt come close to falling asleep (like
yesterday). i only got like a half hour more of sleep so there’s no way
it was that. it may have been the breakfast, but we had a good
breakfast yesterday too. yesterday we had this yummy cheesey sausage
stuff on a bun (i ate two then during the test felt like i’d puke from
so much in the morning) and cereal bars (weren’t very good) and orange
slices and chocolate milk. today we had cinnamon rolls (yum!) and
scrambled eggs (YUM) and orange slices and chocolate milk. but uh yeah.
it’s 73 outside so i’m rollin out! L8r n Love, Andee