WOO HOO! OGT’s ARE DONE!!! now hopefully i passed every single
one…with flying colors. i wrote a song yesterday about jesse and i.
it took me like 3 hours! but i talked to jesse on the phone for what,
almost 2 hours? but the breakfast today was awesome! the only cassarole
that i like. BREAKFAST CASSAROLE. it has eggs and bacon and probably
other things too but yum. and two days ago i drew that memory jesse
wanted me to. let’s see. today got done with the social studies test in
about 1 1/2 hours. then played with aaron’s hooters calendar
cards…stupid invention. all of the guys were gathered oogling at the
pictures. then fourth period we lounged and i played a four-way game of
guess-who marvel comic style. then fifth period everybody finished
their open book tests and got a 9 weeks test study guide. sixth period
plates, cups, forks, knives, spoons. we play on those for blue plate
special. then seventh period we watched the rest of supersize me and
found out our bmi’s. i have like 21. yesssssssssssssssssssssss. i
wonder what we’re doing tonight. omgn! guess what happened last night!
i was blow drying my hair…and the blow dryer started shooting sparks.
so i went downstairs and told mom i need a new one and threw it away
and she said to use the one in the bathroom. i really like it! i think
it dries my hair faster and it’s quieter than the other one…and it
has a piece to go on the nozzle that concentrates the air. and i think
it blows hotter air. “look at the babe i scored. she’s a 10”
<<what’s that, jesse? lol. i read the note to vinny today.
alrighty i’m leaving a song! L8r n Love, Andee