we got our second big group music today and were split into groups to
practice. my group is trevor, kristine, and meghan. i know joey and
justin are a group and i think brandon and vinny are in the same group
but idk the rest of it and cj…i dont remember his group. all i know
is i think we’re merging b/c our parts are practically the same after
the first 20 measures of repeating. well i think i got sick from deidre
but i drank orange juice this morning so i dont think i’ll be getting a
bad sore throat, if any, but i do have a cold. guh. i hanged (hung?) up
some more comics on my closet door (TAPED! that’s a verb i dont have to
worry about). and i put my laundry away. and i kind of went through
some old school stuff and other junk. and i copied that poem baby…and
the note on the other side just in case you wanted that too. but i have
yet to sing that song for you…kind of like you when you were trying
to play my song for me on guitar. but um i guess that’s it. it’s been a
nasty day. i cant wait for summer! sleeping in, vbs, going outside
without wearing layer upon layer, swimming, laying out, picnics…the
list goes on forever. OH AND CAMPING! but picnics
jesse…picnics…with a blanket and a basket. lol. guess what?
tomorrow will be 6 months! it’s crazy! half of a year. it definately
doesnt seem that long baby. *sigh* *flutters eyelashes*. ok i better
get offa here. L8r n Love, Andee

watch the Dr Pepper commercial “I WANT IT ALL”