IT’S 6 MONTHS TODAY! half a YEAR! that’s CRAZY! well i sent your poem
home with kristine. the whole group came in the big room today to do A
through C in the music. oh, the name of it is “Talkin Trash” and so far
it sounds AWESOME. however, there is an attitude problem with someone
in my group…but they’ll either have to get over it or just walk away
b/c i doubt anyone wants to deal with that in a group music piece.
measure 23. guh. veeeeeeeeery tricky. i made a crack about the movie
“23” when kristine said something about it. ha. funny. today’s cool but
almost warm. i can’t wait for warm. warm is good. psh, HOT is good.
hot=water and water=andrea therefore hot=andrea :P. alrighty i found
out that…janie and john are an item. BUT NOT FROM JANIE OR JOHN! good
grief guys! i assisted! PUH! i assist, then you dump me. nice. janie
better tell me anyways like today or tomorrow and i’ll still act
surprised…she’s probably reading this too. you better tell me! and
john was like smiling at me today. he seems happy. and 9-weeks-tests
are NOTHING compared to the OGT. thank goodness for 9-wks-tests.
alrighty, i guess that’s it! L8r n Love, Andee