phrase of the day: “Wanna hug a sicky?”

that thing i said about the nine weeks tests, went something like
“thank goodness for nine weeks tests” yeah…forget it. our english
test today (i’ll get that clicky) was ONE HUNDRED QUESTIONS LONG! and
she used SCANTRON!!! grrr. well i got woked up by me alarm these
morning and i’s feeled terribible. (that sentence is horrible, yes?).
then i recieved a text after laying in bed for 6 minutes. it was jesse
hoping i had a good day. that basically made everything perfect today.
i mean really. if he hadn’t done that today would’ve been soooo bad.
but one bad thing about today was in mr. wethstths class (LOL!!!) ahem.
sorry. mr. west’s class. i saw my nine weeks test and i missed only
one. but the one i missed was a simple stupid mistake. i circled the
right answer but i somehow got a little carried away and wrote down the
wrong answer on the line. AHHH. man, the other day i was listening to
bird songs/calls/noises/whatever and man…i listened to the
mockingbird one…HILARIOUS! i’ll have to get that link on here. but
not now. later. ummm oh yes! i need to call sara to see if she can trim
my hair and put layers in it. we’re progressing so much in stomp. it’s
so cool! i can’t wait to tour the schools or for spring concert! and in
health today…man. me and matt had the whole class dying laughing.
mrs. t had us break off into partners and assigned us a drug or
something to do with drugs. me and matt got Hallucinogens, Drug
Treatments, and Signs of Abuse. we had a list for the abusage part and
i would say them and matt would act them out. it was so funny! ok i
gotta ditch this to talk to my bf. (it’s worth it…oh, he made me a
cake to celebrate 6 months) L8r n Love, Andee

This is the Northern Mockingbird call…