oh calm your horses down. i mean dont have a cow…like i did last
night. sorry you had to deal with me. i had a BREAK DOWN. man. they
would be talking about the trip and i had to do everything to fight
back the tears and i dont even know why now. i blame PMS lol. but
uh…i’m “done waiting” if you know what i mean. and man. can you say
P-A-I-N today. i was doubled over and i’m sure i looked terrible.
that’s because i decided to go without medicine. but by 3rd period i
really couldnt take it anymore so i used a pass and went to the
bathroom and took medicine. but the medicine didnt kick in till the end
of 4th period. but then i was like wacky in a good mood and i need more
medicine now cuz that medicine is slacking off. hold on…ok i’m
baaaaaack! today was the first day of sex-ed in health. i think it’s
really interesting–the whole subject. i’m all curious and intrigued at
how things work. but anyway! stomp was pretty awesome today and
tomorrow is the last day in our small groups for “talkin trash”. then
we’re going to do the whole in-the-same-room-every-song thing…JESSE.
alright i know i texted you about hiking at Pike Lake. it’s supposed to
be like 63 and there’ll be scattered thunderstorms everywhere, so dress
for some rain. and next weekend i’m going to the smokey mountains with
the parentals and ken and possibly sara, marc, and alison. why dont you
tag along jesse? lol.  it’s really short notice and it started out
as just a thing ken brought up at the dinner table (of course…they
listen to ken…) but we’re going. i guess i’m okay with it now but
i’ll still really miss you jesse. i’ll probably end up sneaking off
with mom’s phone (since it’s verizon) and calling you. and you know my
rating system that has family second and you fourth? yeah. drop that. i
can’t rate everything. things like that aren’t meant to be analyzed.
that’s the problem with people! they try to analyze stuff too much! i
was thinking if i had to choose between family and you…it would be
very challenging. i wanted you to know that. the list thing was just
supposed to get you a little frazzled. I LOVE THAT WORD. iiiiiiiiii
neeeeeeeed aaaaaaaaa hoooooot paaaaaaack! ok it’s in the microwave.
puh. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice. lol i
probably seem really funny and weird at the same time but man. guys are
so lucky, even though i think i’d rather be a girl. because not only am
i smarter and everything else that you know i am that is a positive
thing, but just one week out of the month i’m kind of held back; the
first 2 days of that week i’m quite miserable though. yes, quite.
someone needs to invent a heat pack that goes in the front AND back at
the same time. but not on the sides. i’m just rambling on and on with
no real purpose! but i havn’t updated for 5 days so dont complain.
today at lunch on the bread of my sandwich was mold. katie wanted it
cuz she has like a whole mold collection and mrs willis was saying it
would make me sick to eat it plus the fact that my eggsalad hadnt been
kept in a frig. but i ate it anyway (i tore off the mold and the rest
of the crust, of course.) and i said i needed to make some LASAGNA and
bring it in as lunch. and i need to make cookies. the yummy kind i made
for VBS last year. mmmmm. aaron and janie wrote me notes today,
unexpectedly. odd. and katie kept saying i look cute today. awww, it
made me feel a little better even though i know i couldnt have looked
that good. but we need a band of hooligans to hike mr. johnson! start
the rally! but SUPPOSEDLY, not next weekend but the weekend after,
we’re touring the schools. i’m excited!!! and the spring concert is
april 29th. be there. today in stomp though, mr carr started only
having the small cans and buckets play so the rest of us had nothing to
do but wait. so me and my group pulled up chairs and just lounged. the
other side was doing stuff though. but after mr carr had his fill with
those groups, he looked over at me and thanked me for being quiet and
stuff. and i thanked him for having chairs. he said he should’ve put
tony in my group because i’d have him calm. lol! but kristine! i missed
you today!!! EVERYBODY MISSED YOU! lol. ok um i think this thing is
really long now. almost too long. but not quite too long because andrea
is the most perfectest and……well, you know. L8r n Love, Andee