I’M GOING TO THE SMOKY’S THIS WEEKEND!!! i’m getting out of school
thursday for it. and uh…so far i found out there’s two tests and a
quiz i’m going to have to take either a day earlier or monday. but the
cabin we’re gonna stay at has a hot tub, jacuzzi, 2 king beds and a
king daybed (MINE), a game room with foosball, PS2, gallaga, ms pacman,
3 hbo tv’s, ummm…fireplace…but it is missing something. jesse. but
i’m going with mom, dad, ken, sara, marc, and alison. oh, and the
kitchen is fully equipped. omgn! saturday mom spent over $100 dollars
on clothes for me. then she dropped me off at riteaid to wait for sara
to come drop off a sandwich for marc and then i was to go with her to
shop for a house for baxter and bird feed and grab a bite to eat then
go back to her house and her trim my hair and put layers in it. but
whilst waiting in riteaid standing back by the pharmacist counter, i
saw things…lol. jesse knows but it’s not worth putting on here and
causing a riot :P. i had just got better when ken gets me sick again.
now i have a cold AND cough. stupid. but ummm what else…oh yeah,
deidre and brice got a puppy. why dont they use their brains!? good
grief. it’s been keeping everyone up at night (heh, except me cuz i
sleep deep plus i have my radio on a little and my boxfan on and window
open. but still.) and she’s keeping it in her room or driving it around
everywhere (which is not good. it’ll get carsick). and she’s not here
80% of the time. so. anyways, i better get offa here and post a song!
L8r n Love, Andee