i wish i could put all 200 some pics on here from the trip to the Smoky
Mountains…but…i can’t. so i’ll just summarize it for you. i slept
through the beginning of the trip till a good bit into kentucky. then
mom woke me up and i started taking pics and pics and vids. and then we
finally trekked up the mountain with no guard rails to our cabin which
was awesome and loaded with a jacuzzi, hot tub, arcade, 3 hbo tvs, a
foosball table, a fireplace, and a fully equipped kitchen. and we went
to ripley’s aquarium where i took tons of pics. and we ate out at IHOP,
Steak n Shake, McDonalds, KFC, and Cracker Barrel in the whole round
trip. and i was stuffed each time with good food. and then on the way
back we hit two traffic jams. and i slept through idk what but it took
forever to get home. and i was glad to be home even though i had a good
time there. but i texted jesse the two times i had a signal but i didnt
get any return texts till i got home. 8. and i had to make up the work
that i couldnt make up on wednesday today. um that’s it i guess! L8r n
Love, Andee