it’ssssssssssssssssssssss meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. um well…not too much
happened today. but there is something odd. i have two lumps on my
neck. one i think is my lymph node and it’s sore. the other one feels
like a cyst or something. b/c sara had a cyst on her wrist a whiiiile
back and yeah. they’re both on the same side. it’s been like 2 or three
days since i’ve noticed them. puh! i’m going to have a few songs on
here for you instead of the quickie hillary duff one. i went blank on
songs so i just searched her name and picked one that i knew. because
yesterday i watched a show about her going to europe to tour and she
needed 35 new outfits and she rehearsed her song and her album she had
written all of it…blah blah blah. we watched the beginning of Jane
Eyre today TWICE b/c mrs fawley just–well she normally doesnt
understand the teacher directions so we didnt get the homework we were
supposed to get. which is a plus. oh yes. um second period we looked at
paramecium under the microscope. and luke and i (i was the microscope
engineer) were like the first to see something. then another group
found an amoeba that was eating something. it was cool. and fourth
period we watched part of a telenovela (spanish soap opera that HAS AN
END and doesnt go on forever) and i think we’re gonna finish it over
the course of several days. 5th period was 5th period. 6th period we
played everything and got a talk from mr carr about the dates we’re
playing and how it’ll go (which i’m sure wont be the last talk). april
29 is the spring concert, may 4 is touring the schools. and seventh
period we talked about STDs. cj picked up a  necklace on the
ground that lauren said to pick up. i told him to put it back down, so
he did. lol. wuhpshh. yep, i got em all whipped. L8r n Love, Andee