well…i last wrote like the beginning of the week, yes? well. we
practiced Blue Plate Special in a serious manner on friday. we worked
on john’s solos on pots, pans, lids, and what-not. we got it down
pretty much. but in the process discovered a broken plate and cup. puh.
mr carr wasnt happy but at least it wasnt from acting dumb like the
time we broke the table in half…or the time we broke a stand…but i
didnt have anything to do with the stand. it’s raaaiiining! man.
saturdays just keep getting more and more blah. i need like a saturday
job. even if it’s just to start me off. cuz i’m so lazy on saturdays
that i dont really get hungry therefore i dont eat and then i feel
terrible. like today, i slept in till almost noon and basically just
watched tv for 4 hours straight. i ate a bowl of cereal, had two spoons
of honey, and drank a glass of orange juice. i mean, right now i’m
hungry but i cant eat now. i gotta wait till supper which should be in
the next half hour. stupid boring saturdays. but at least i got some
laundry done. and i recieved a thing in the mail about how i’m invited
to the awards banquet again. woo hoo! last year i had two awards…i
wonder what it’ll be this year. i know i have the spanish one but idk
about anything else. last night we wanted to go to a certain mall so
jesse drove us to the place he thought it was. that place was
definately not it and a snoresville to add to it. so he brought us to
another one kristine thought was the place but again, it wasnt. so we
sat in the parking lot whilst i called around on jesse’s cell trying to
find out where the place was since i was the only one who thought it
existed since i was the only one who’d been there let alone heard of
it. no luck in calling. so then i get a call from beth saying we were
in the total wrong city. so we just stayed where we were at the other
mall that i hadnt been to before. it was okay but the one i wanted to
go to is way better. we still had a good time though! we ate in the
mall. bobby and kristine at burger king, me and jesse at this tokyo
place. i got rice, honey chicken, and 2 egg rolls. i couldnt finish it
for some reason. oh! yesterday we had honor’s breakfast and a spanish
party in which we watched a telenovela (soap opera) and had taco pizza,
taquitos, pop, cupcakes with strawberries, and other stuff i’m sure.
but the telenovela i need to borrow from mrs willis cuz it’s so
awesome! it’s called “Amor Real” and the girl cries too much and her
old lover just wont go away and problems keep arising but still…it’s
good. it’s not like stupid american soap operas that never end either.
spanish soap operas go on for like 3 or 4 months and have a beginning
and an ending. but since mrs willis’ dvd is ON dvd, they cut it down to
400 minutes. but still. and the girl on there looks like hillary duff
sometimes! omgn everything is happening in may!!! i have my 4 hours of
community service due, my power-point due, stomp touring the school,
the awards banquiet, and i’m sure there’s more. my temps expire in less
than two months! i’m going to have to take my test all over again and
really get down to business on my driving. not to mention getting to
business on a job and fitting into my bridesmaid dress. guh! so much
stuff! well supper’s ready so i gotta go and eat. L8r n Love, Andee