ahhh i’m so tired of typing stuff when there isnt anything to type
about. but i do have some upcoming dates everyone should keep in mind
and hold dear to them as if it were their dying wish or will or severe
need to take part in these events as to preserve long awaited happiness
and fulfillment in their lives and–wow. long run on sentence. that was
fun! ok upcoming dates: (well, some dates arent for all of you and
arent very fun but ok!)

April 29—–Spring Concert

May 1——-Awards Banquet

May 2——-Gothic Elements Power Point due

May 4——-STOMP tours schools

May 5——-Alison’s birthday party (yes, jesse is invited)

May 23—–4 hours of Community Service due

well those are the dates! and if you have any feedback or WHATEVER you
have eyes…and fingers…and if you don’t, you can’t read this anyway
to respond! but i have a little message board over to your right
so use it ninnies. okie i need to find some pics for the power point
thing. SLEEPING BEAUTY! and i need to go grab a floppy disk. catch ya
on the flip side…you know that phrase is stupid…so L8r n Love,