woo hoo did some interesting things lately. saturday i started on my
normal boring routine with getting up late and going down for a bowl of
cereal then bringing it upstairs and turning on the tv to sit like a
vegitable for hours upon hours when, hark! suddenly mom yelled my
name–“ANDREA! MAKE A BOX FOR THE CAT!” so i grudgingly lifted my body
up and carried it downstairs and found a box. i cut a hole and used a
lil duct tape and wah lah. then i put a bag in the bottom and mom put
some rags on top of the bag. then i went out to the back porch and took
EVERYTHING OFF including all of the boards used to box in
kittens…unscrewed them all and towed them away. then i scrubbed it,
hosed it down, and power hosed down the litter-filled cracks between
boards. i waited for that to dry whilst watching rob and dad tote the
glass double doors with double panes that have blinds in-between. then
i went back, screwed the boards back on, and put the box and food dish
on. then yesterday night (monday) i went out and arranged the rest of
the cat stuff on the back porch and added a board. then i steered
bryan’s truck while dad pushed it with the tractor backwards towards
the woods. OH! but yesterday was my first dissection: a worm! i did the
cutting…of course. i asked aaron if he wanted to and he’s like “NO”
so i did it. then later on, josh h came and joined us. today…i
learned how to boss people around in espanol. “Sea paciente!” (be
patient!) i’ll have to use that one on jesse. lol. and in stomp we
played everything and cj + vinny’s group played on their REAL tubz
today for the first time. twas cool. but i like their garbage can song
the best i think. our group needs a lil work on our songs. i’m afraid
that justin’s gonna come back from senior trip and mess us all up on
Sunday. Spring Concert day. 2:30pm. stomp plays last. then may 4th
we’re touring the schools! the only problem with me is i can only go
without music on Talkin’ Trash but oh well i guess! L8r n Love, Andee