this week has been very interesting and it has yet to blow me away! it
all started on Sunday……i arrived at the Spring Concert with
butterflies and a duct taped folder. the butterflies went away after
waiting 2 hours on band and chorus to end. it was outside next to the
parking lot and many people left after band and chorus because they
were tired of the sun beating on them but they missed the best part!
ME! lol. but anyway, we played good except for the last song–Talkin
Trash–because we were in a line and couldnt play with the other groups
but had to keep our own time…and outside everything was muffled so we
ended up off and blech. on tuesday, cj and i stayed after school for 2
and a half hours to finish our power point project for Clicky. i gave a
piece of my mind in the reflection questions. then i had to go home and
get ready for the banquet. we left and arrived at about 6:20pm to the
highschool looking all grand (ken was going to go in plain clothes but
i told him to dress up). i got the Physical Fitness award and the
Straight A’s award. tuesday was a good day. wednesday was the exciting
day. (OH! and i forgot to say that this week is sex-ed week.) on
wednesday, me and cj presented our Sleeping Beauty power point and
turned in our folder with all of our work in it. we made everyone laugh
and kept them entertained. it felt SO GOOD. when stomp rolled around,
we were informed that a student was horsing around and was flung into
the cages of the cage room and her eye hit on the part where the locks
go. it was swollen and she had to go to the hospital. (on tuesday we
also dissected crayfish). and here we are at today! mr west was in an
exceptionally good mood. we breezed through everything in stomp. and
then came SeVeNtH pErIoD! sex-ed time. we were “assigned” a yellow
paper with questions and boxes on it. i’ll list the questions i
remember. “what do you admire about yourself?” (4 empty boxes) “what
accomplishments are you proud of?” (4 empty boxes) “what are things
people don’t know about you?” (2 empty boxes) and there was one other
question but i dont remember it. oh goodness. nobody was supposed to
put their name on it and as she read the personal answers aloud, we
were to guess who it was. she mixed them up and did some random paper
reading. i was wondering when mind would be read because only me and
kristine knew the crazy thing i put on it. “I’m a romantic…” she said
and i went OH BOY. she skipped right to the box of what people dont
know about me. then she squinted and read the second thing. “I’m not
wearing any underwear right now…” everyone cracked up and nobody
fessed up but she continued but i dont think anybody was paying
attention by then, and if they were, i wasnt. i was too concentrated on
trying not to give myself away. but there it was…jessica taylor
pointed and said “It’s her! Her face is so red!” so then everyone
looked at me and i told them all that kristine had told me to put it on
there, so i did. and so that passed. then other peoples’ were read and
they just kept getting sillier and sillier and one mentioned how they
were better than another person in our school and one said they were
gay when they arent and all that junk. mrs gram (the sex-ed lady) said
we were the only class to not take it very seriously. after she left,
mrs truman had this big talk with us on how she didnt appreciate making
fun of people and goofing off and she said it was “unreal” that her
class was the only one that did such a thing so she said she was taking
the CONFIDENTIAL papers up as a grade. and she said the people who
didnt turn them in are getting a zero and the people who goofed off are
getting a zero. that had better not include me because i took
everything else serious except that one. but anyway. tomorrow i’m
getting out of school for STOMP! first, the elementary is coming over
to our gym in the morning and we’re playing for them. then, around
activity period, our school is coming in and watching. then we’re going
to the middleschool, eating lunch, and playing for them. it’s going to
be GREAT. ALSO! tomorrow night i get to finally go out in public with
my B.F. again!!!!!!!!!! i’m excited. because it’s been him coming over
to my house to watch a movie and at first it’s ok then everybody swarms
in where we are. i dont like it. saturday is my niece alison’s first
birthday party! i’m excited about that too. and jesse gets to come! 19
more days of school if you dont count weekends! if you do count
weekends then it’s…exactly 4 weeks. thank goodness. but i need to
start scoping out job applications. oh, and i need to volunteer for the
special olympics so i can get community service hours for health PLUS
to look good since i’m being looked at for NHS. and i have a first aid
booklet that’s due sometime soon. well i think that’s all i got right
now. L8r n Love, Andee