friday night bobby, kristine, jesse, and i went out. but before that,
was the wonderful day of touring. first, i arrived at school and went
to first period where almost the entire period we were stationary in
that classroom doing regular day to-do’s. then us stomp people were
called down so i went to my locker and put my junk in there then threw
my necessities in my backpack and headed out towards the gym to set up.
so we wheeled everything out and set it up and practiced in an empty
gym and played around a little bit going up in the bleachers and
cheering for the other groups while they played. then the elementary
school started filing in. they finally all made it in and mr carr gave
a word and then the group that was to my right played. then to the
left. then it was us. and it just kept going in that order. then for
blue plate special, we had mashed potatoes that john smacked on our
plates (which was SO good and i ate it after we played) and splashed
tony in the face with them. and i just about choked on the water i was
gargling. and after that show, we got things back to the beginning and
got the mics perfected. then the highschool filed in. we decided to add
more spice to the show by having tony backflip off the drum thing and
having john drill tony in the face with mashed potatoes. after that
show, i went to the boys’ locker room to clean off the dishes (the
first time, joe rinsed them and left them wet so me and trevor went and
dried them off). i was in there cleaning silverware (actually,
flatware) and plates when robert stegbaur (sp?) came in and he like
froze in his tracks while i just kept washing. i didnt even look at
him. then he’s like “hi” with a big smile on his face and i looked at
him and said hi back and he said “i didnt expect a girl to be in
here…i’ll wait…” so he went back out and i finished and came out
with the tray (oh yeah, i cleaned the tray too) in my arms and plates
and silverware (FLATWARE) stacked neatly on top. then i heard him yell
“THAT’S HER!” and then i heard like giggling and stuff. i just thought
that was kind of funny. but then we loaded the trailer up as it started
to rain and climbed on the bus with things we thought not safe to go on
the trailer in hand (not literally though). i made a point of it to
keep the dinnerware safely in my seat…with me. so we rode over to the
middleschool and put our equipment on the stage while the little
middleschoolers played in their gym. then we retired to the music room
(which smelled [smelt?] funny) and then got bored. so we split into
little cliques (lol, as if there are any…stomp IS a clique…well,
kind of…JUST NEVERMIND) and roamed the hallways looking in at
teachers and making fun of them. then mrs gillman comes out. ohhh joy.
that teacher always had a permanent frown on her face. but i guess
since we were out of her class she had a permanent smile on her face
and we chit-chatted. then we finally broke away from her. we walked
around the SO SMALLISH halls, flabbergasted and refreshed in memories.
we peaked in mr mclaughlin’s room and made our way to mr rockey’s
class. ken was in it. but besides that, we had some fun conversation
and he said i was the most annoying student of all (i was his favorite
and he was my favorite ms teacher). then he said he had to go cuz the
bell had rung (they changed the bell sound to something stupid). then
we went around and stopped at mr vesey’s and peaked in on mrs allemang
(sp???). then me and kristine met back up and talked a little about the
office lady that we dont know the name of but we like. that office is
small. then we stopped at the gym doorway and watched ken take off his
pants and think he’s so fly playing basketball in front of giggling
drama-drama girls. we made fun of him a little then walked back to the
music room and ate pizza and drank PEPSI while mr carr had sports on.
typical. but then we set up for the show. (on the way over on the bus,
john put a TON of junk into the mashed potatoes and made it basically
poisonous.) then we played and our first song we decided to slap the
next person in the face on the last beat of our solos. they loved it.
but after the show i went to the bathroom to clean off the junk and
empty the mashed potato mix into the sink and well…it clogged. so i
just washed the dishes and silverware while a bunch of girls came in
and out and asked me questions and told me how good the show was. but
after i washed everything, i pulled the chunks out of the drain to get
the gunk down the sink. it finally all went down then i rinsed out the
pan it was in. then i washed my hands and came to the gym to find it
practically empty. so i brought the stuff out and grabbed my stuff and
went across the hall from mr vesey and mrs allemang’s room and then the
bell rang and all these kids shuffled out the doors to the buses while
we made a little bit of small-talk (we being me and cj) then we
shuffled out too. it was terrible on the bus! so stuffy! but we ruffed
it (ha, ROUGHED) anyway. then went home and went out with you-know-who. and saturday,
mom, ken (a little), and i spring cleaned my and ken’s room then headed
out to sara’s for alison’s first birthday party. it was
cool…mellow…and we leisurely frisbee golfed then had the party.
then we went back to the yard and threw frisbees at eachother. then
jesse and bobby started bouncing golf balls on golf clubs so me and
kristine sat and watched them…BOOORING. then it started to rain. so
we stayed out and walked/ran/stood in it. we got soaking wet! like
dripping. and i let my hair down. then we wanted to do something so i
called mom on jesse’s cell and asked if we could go out to eat and she
said yes and said if i got home before her to do some more spring
cleaning. so i was like ok and i was psyched. then bobby says he and
kristine didnt want to go but we persuaded them to anyways. then i put
on jesse’s coat and we went up to say bye to sara. we left and after a
good talk, i convinced them to go to bob evans. so we went in and
“powdered our noses” then came out and got a table and hot chocolate.
jesse and i ordered breakfast food while bobby and kristine ordered
burgers. and caleb moore was there working! but that’s besides the
point. so we ended up blowing like 2 hours on eating. then we got in
the car and went back to the library to pick up jesse’s truck and…a
half hour later i got home. and was grounded. i felt terrible cuz they
said i lost trust and stuff. BLAH. i’d sooner forget that part. then
sunday rolled around and i went to church then came home and took a 3
hour nap then woke up and mom and dad were sick with fevers (mom=102,
dad=100.5). then i went to church and rob gave a devotion and after
church i rode home with caleb because i thought it best since i was
(and am) grounded to not get into more trouble by riding home with
jesse since they lost trust in me and all. but jesse got upset and i’d
sooner forget that too! so i had a sick stomach for two nights in a
row. and wink had her kittens and not one of them lived! guh! but
yesterday i drove around hillsboro with dad from the radio station to
lowes to brads gardening store thing. then home. and today we were
watching little shop of horrors in stomp since mr carr wants that to be
the musical next year. he had his eye on john for the dentist, cj for
the geek, and he was eyeing me for the girl the geek is after…her
annoying soft highpitched voice and cleavage spilling out everywhere.
but anyway! joe, jesse’s gf is better than your gf. lol, L8r n Love,