in the past week i’ve finished a first aid book, written a book report,
gone to the special olympics, and so much more…lol. monday i
excercised with deidre. we walked up and down glenavy hills and then
got back at like 5:30 and figured out we had the laurel’s service so we
had to both get our showers. i ended up going with wet hair and
finishing supper on the way. i also turned in my first aid book.
tuesday, i lifted weights, did situps, and did pushups. i also found
out i was ungrounded and i dissected a fish. wednesday after church me
and deidre did holds in my room. thursday i dont believe i did anything
excercise wise but i did turn in my book report. friday me, jesse,
bobby, kristine, kelly, and john went to the classic diner then went to
see their house–an A FRAME! it’s pretty neat…but only for like a
couple’s first house. it has a balcony on the back. and a shed…
lol. then i remembered i wasnt allowed to stay there and wasnt allowed
to be there at dark so me and jesse left and took a wrong turn but
turned around and got it right. then we went to my house and watched
aladdin. then he had to go. so i got to sleep around midnight and woke
up at 7 this morning to get ready for the special olympics. we got to
the school and hopped on the bus and finally left. we made it to the
track and me and kristine sorted prizes for the games and then we went
on the bleachers to hear announcments then assembled in the school for
the basketball things. then donnie and jerry decided they were going to
get volunteer ribbons so me and kristine tagged along. then we were put
in charge of passing out ribbons. people started filing out of the
school so we took stacks of ribbons and went around to people. then,
after everybody was situated with ribbons, we got in the lunch line and
got our lunch–i got a hotdog, cheetos, and a dr pepper. then home made
icecream. and then everybody was going back to the bleachers for the
track and field things so we went too. then i decided i wanted to go
get prizes so we all shuffled down off the bleachers and fished things
out of the prize box. then we picked up trash. then we drew on the
sidewalk with chalk (that was fun). and THEN we stood in a circle with
whipped out cell phones talking about how many bars we have. then we
went back to the bleachers and kristine lost her prizes from dropping
them. so then everything ended and i found her lost prizes and gave
them to her then we got on the bus and came back home. it was pretty
fun but i missed a lunch with my sisters and my mom!!! so
unfortunate!!! anyway, i have 8 community service hours now. and i have
prizes. well i’m going to leave it at that. L8r n Love, Andee