so here i am…sitting eating a breakfast of pancakes and scrambled
eggs. yummy. and drinking orange juice. school’s out, finally. last
night we finally went to THE mall and we got there, looked for an atm
machine, then ate supper. by that time, it was 5 past nine so every
shop was closing down! so we went back out to the cars and decided
where to go. we decided to go to this arcade/roller rink jesse’d seen
on the way there. so we went and there was an admission fee and
everything so we just decided to drive and zac wanted to go to
wilmington walmart so we did and they spent way too long in there so we
were about 10 minutes late getting home. but anyways, last friday was
just…spectACULAR! i made dinner and we ate out in the great room with
music from a playlist i created played in the background. then, after
we ate and i brought out the buckeyes i made, he asked me for a dance.
basically the whole time we were alone. then we went in the house and
got a drink and i let him listen to bits and pieces of the rest of the
playlist then we started the movie he brought. “The Return”. it ended
abruptly so i stuck in “Black Beauty”. we didnt hardly pay attention to
either movies. and then he had to leave so i walked him to the door and
kissed him goodnight (a couple of times, lol) and then he left.
*siiigh*. but anyway, today me, ken, and sara are supposed to go out
walking in glenavy to ask people to come to VBS!!! we finally got my
bridesmaid dress to fit! ok…L8r n Love, Andee