as you can tell i dont get on here often anymore. normally like once a week or two. well, i have a job now and i have yet to be paid for the first time. as a matter of fact, brice has yet to pay me $50 for growing my armpit hair out. ha, that’s a memory right there. i have pictures too. i may put them on here or something. right now i’m listening to tunes on my radioblog playlists. last friday jesse came over in the afternoon and it poured raining. we had planned to have a lil picnic in my backyard with blanket-on-ground effects. but we just ate on the porch. i made grilled cheeses and brought out a banana and fiery habenero doritos and tea of course. we ate out there and watched the rain and bugged brianna. then went inside and upstairs and put in pirates of the caribbean 1. we put in xmen2 first but we decided to change movies. then i had to eat b/c deidre’s shower at the church was in like 20 minutes and jesse had to catch bobby dropping kristine off at the church b/c they were going to go get bobby’s tux so he left but first he watched deidre play piano. TODAY WAS THE FIRST DAY OF VBS!!! fun fun! we normally have like 30-something on the first day but today we had 50-something! it’s exciting. there are supposedly rumors about me and jesse spreading so if you hear something you probably shouldnt believe it. why do people make up rumors? because they’re jealous or envious or just plain jerks. and it’s lying so you know you’ll pay for it later. right now that’s all i have to say. nobody really reads this anyways. it’s just like a diary to me b/c i dont like writing in mine. i just dont tell you the really juicy stuff. every once in a while i read some of my earlier entries and i laugh. it’s just weird but i like it…same goes for someone i know…*jesse hint hint*. okay well i’m not really on rant today so i’ll leave it at that. L8r n Love, Andee