i’m going on rant! i’ve kinda lost my steam but i’ll do it anyway. you
know what gets on my nerves about people? when they talk to me like i
have no clue whatsoever. like it’s common sense and they expect me not
to know it. another thing…when the only conversation they will have
with me is asking questions. “what did you do last night?” then “how
did you do it?” then “why did you do it?” then “did you enjoy it?” then
“what are you doing tonight, then?” then “is anyone else going to do it
too?” then the next day the same questions and blah blah blah. here’s
another…when people tell me to do something that they are perfectly
capable of doing themselves (unless i’m getting paid for it). you know
what else? when people disrespect your belongings then expect you to
respect theirs. another thing. when people snoop your stuff without
permission. AND YET ANOTHER! when people can’t keep their mouths
shut…but that’s not all. when people dont have all the facts, assume
something, then spread rumors about it. (no i’m not talking about the
recent thing in particular, cough cough). it’s like telephone! if you
dont have the facts and you dont know them STRAIGHT UP, then dont say
anything! you dont always have to have some big news to conversate
about. just dont talk if you dont have something solid to talk about.
just listen to those that do. i think that’s why i dont blabber all
over the ground because sure, it’s easy to make assumptions then talk
about them…but i try not to do it and if i do talk about my
assumptions i make it VERY CLEAR that they are my assumptions because
that’s another way rumors are spread. people only hear the juicy stuff
unless you repeat the bland stuff several times and make them write
sentences of your exact words…lol forget the second part but you do
have to repeat. *siiigh*. today i put my project together. dremeled
little hearts into the burned areas to creat a highlighted
effect…puh. i worked 4 hours today. my feet are achy. well i heard
something last night that was quite unreal and harrowing. lauren’s dad
passed away while they were on a florida vacation. i was shocked when
vicky came and told me last night. i just saw him last week when i
dropped a vbs flyer by for lauren. it’s really just crazy and i hope
that they turn to God. L8r n Love, Andee