who ever knew a wedding was so much work. you know, you never appreciate things like how the reception place got decorated and set up…unless you do it. i was with deidre almost every day last week helping her move in to her apartment and run errands and make reception favors and setting up the reception hall and being her bridesmaid. luckily i had no work last week i was just searching hummingbird feeders. i wanna make one. but anyway the summer’s almost gone! kelly’s getting married next month. ooo last night jesse, bobby, and i played LIFE. jesse won and he didnt even have a job! he had 5 kids and no job and he won with over 1,000,000 dollars! i came in second and i had one child. bobby had 3 kids and he came in last. oh, but i remember only jesse collected money for his kids! me and bobby didnt! ohhh wellllll. mom sent the laptop back to sony bc it was making weird noises. funny thing though…dad’s computer died just a little bit after the laptop’s funny noises. it’s going to be sooo hot today. during the wedding ceremony, sweat was rolling down my back AND my legs. when it was over we were talking and pretty much everyone agreed that sweat was beading up on them too. my shoes just slaughtered my feet. mainly the left one. but i found out why the left one was hurting me so bad once i got home…the cardboard support thingy was still in it! see, i saw it sticking out at the reception but i thought the shoe was just falling apart. nay nay, it was trying to say “andrea…you’re an idiot…”. L8r n Love, Andee