today i watched an entire washer cycle from start to finish…28
minutes worth of sloshing fabrics. invigorating! AHEM! wink is supposed
to have her kittens anytime. today i spent over an
hour with her, feeding her stuff (b/c she’s SKIN AND BONES) and petting
her. then nillo came and i had to hold him back from eating all her
food and drinking all her milk. no wonder she’s so skinny. he gobbles
it up before she can. last night as i was walking up to the church door
a dog came charging at me. it looked like a boxer that wasnt fully
grown yet. well anyway, i screamed and it ran away. lol. well i finally
had work this week but not today. ah yes, work. the birdfeeder parts
the company sent were ALL SEPERATE. i had to put everything
together…put the bottoms on and the strings through. took me double
the time and didnt get paid any more than normal. well last week while
me and ken were working on cranberry beans, i made a new phrase: “Not
sometimes!”. we thought it was funny. well the poor cat is flea ridden.
the fleas have been terrible this year. poor skip and maya are getting
over theirs b/c i gave them both really thorough flea baths on monday.
i’m gonna do it again next week if they’re not gone. they just had a
vet apointment yesterday afternoon. the ride over there was fine. we
got there and a woman walked past the truck with two huskies and they
went crazy. then we brought them into the office and they said we were
an hour late but the card they sent us said the time that we were
there. skippy was first and he did fine. then maya. she was so vicious!
kept growling and trying to lunge. dad had to hold her back and give
her the flea pill. the vet had to totally skip checking her ears. but
then we got outta there. i’ve been checking out alot of wedding stuff
lately. deidre got married and kelly’s getting married in like two
weeks. and i’m getting married someday so WHY NOT. it’s actually kinda
fun…and enteresting. well 4 days ago was my and jesse’s 10 month
dating anniversary! exciting! only 2 months til it’s a year!!!
well…i’m going to leave this interesting bath recipe site. L8r n Love, Andee