guess what i’m listening to at this very moment? MACHO MAN! macho macho maaaaaaaan! i’ve got to be…a macho maaaaaan! lol. well…ken’s an official teen now. how tragic. the poor kittens are covered in fleas! oh did i inform you of the kittens? yeah. i believe i did. when i’m finished with this update i’ll give you the priveledge of listening to macho man so you can be like me :D. ask me why i’m on so late. go ahead. ask. well, i sent jesse some pictures of my messy hair from swimming. and i got all sucked in to all the internet i’m involved in. yes, SUCKED IN. i can’t believe it’s already tomorrow and i’m spending it here. on a chair. in front of a screen. and jesse! where are you! i texted you like 15 minutes ago and i am getting no response! this is just a lil rant b/c i know he’s not going to see this tonight. i’ve had no work again for a while. we’re going camping next week! then the week after that is school! wow. crazy stuff. but kelly and john get married in 2 days. now that’s crazy! and tomorrow is the rehearsal. a “hogroast” at her dad’s house. well all of this is just nonsense and i need to get to bed. L8r n Love, Andee