just got back from camping yesterday! it was cool. sara came with us
again. marc, alison, and baxter too. and then friday todd brought the
“PARTY BARGE” (a pontoon that’s his boss’s) and i rode on it 3 times.
and i tubed 3 times. and i’m sore right now. oh, gotta tell the story.
well first vinny tubed, then me, and i flipped off crazy good. and then
vinny again. then we took mom and beth back to camp and went out again.
i tubed again, then vinny. then we stopped to swim and the boat drifted
like 50 feet away from me when i finally yelled to drop the anchor and
swam for like 10 minutes straight till i was finally in reaching
distance from todd and he pulled me over. then it wouldnt start so we
were late for supper. but then we took it back out again and bobby and
rich and me tubed again and i didnt flip. then we took it in and sat
around the campfire! me and jesse…oh, but wait. we had all 5 kittens
up there so we were holding them. see, dad ran over the mother cat so
me and ken have to feed them feed them feed them. school’s tomorrow! ok
i’m getting off here. L8r n Love, Andee