well…it’s down to four kittens. pooside died this morning while i was
at school. and jesse drove me to school today! thank you baby. stomp
was great. mr carr had this whole long speech about personalities. he
said he’s the D, everyone said i’m the C, cj and vinny are S, and joey
and tony are I. well those were the major comparisons. i gotta switch
my schedule from advanced foods and clothing to psychology. HOPEFULLY
i’ll get it! ah shoot! that means i lose 7th period spanish! i made the
kitty formula today. it actually kinda smells good. but it’s gonna turn
to jello in the frig and that’s when you warm it up and feed them it.
ok i’m getting off here. i’m eating danish butter cookies. L8r n Love,

oh, and i had HOMEWORK today. i had to write a poem. psh.