it’s been 753 days since i joined xanga. whoa.

alright so in the past week here’s what’s happened: we got our agendas,
john got a concussion, braden got his permanent tooth knocked out
(today), i moved the kittens to the back porch, i drew the periodic
table of elements, i took like 4 tests, i’ve played clap trap a billion
times, i’ve dug potatoes, i stepped on a kitten (today, but it’s fine),
i’m looking at a hummingbird right now, i taught jonathan the color
white, mom got the laptop back (today and it’s not fixed), picture day
was wednesday, i got my year book of last year (today),
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand i’ve thought of jesse. everyday. three weeks
til it’s been a year for us! i’m kinda bored right now. i cant’ hardly
concentrate on this b/c the tv’s on and jonathan’s talking and the
microwave just went off…and i’m anticipating going out tonight. well
i’m pretty much D-U-N on here. puh. L8r n Love, Andee