today was absolutely crazy-wonderful. we had a church picnic and i was on my feet practically all day. i got majorly burnt. i take off my shirt and it looks like i’m still wearing a white shirt. puh. we played volleyball alot today. i played probably 5 games or more. i played tug of war with 3 ppl consecutively. first was my 29 year old sister. i won. then my 13 year old brother. i won. by then i was getting tired and i played craig–a 14 or 15 year old boy and he won. what else did i play…oh, i played jesse in badminton and i won. and i did quite possibly the stupidest thing i’ve ever done today. i got in a huge tire for ppl to roll me around. they ended up rolling me and i fell from the top then out onto the ground. i have a video of it so maybe i’ll post it on here. and i spent practically the whole day with jesse. i loved it. ok the main reason i’m making a post is to put a love song on here that i heard on the radio. oh, last night we kept the family tradition and went to beth’s for labor day fireworks. i only saw a couple. we were in the basement like the whole time. ping pong and tossing a football. but i played tennis on the wii todd’s borrowing from the allens. it’s awesome! i want one. me and brice kept winning. ok i’m gettin off here. L8r n Love, Andee ilu jesse