well been going to school and stuff like that. my and jesse’s one year
anniversary is in a week and 2 days! next saturday!!! it’s so strange
that we’ve been together for a year. i dont get on here much anymore.
oh well. i guess it’s a good thing that i have a life. i worked monday
and got a stinging blister on my thumb. you have no idea how much you
use your thumbs until it hurts you to use them. we’re reading SPEAK in
english and we have an assignment to make a tree that represents us. i
did a rough draft of mine already. and you gotta write a paragraph
explaining how the tree represents you. done that too. and i went into
town to get white t-shirts for chemistry today after supper and i was
almost home (walking) when mom finally pulls up beside me and tells me
i’m stupid for walking. i waited outside for 10-15 minutes. i was in
the store for a good 10 minutes and she said she’d only be 2 minutes
dropping off her parts. i measured my fingers the other day. kinda
weird eh? alrighty i’m gettin off here. L8r n Love, Andee