Do I really have to title every blog?

I realize my last (and first) entry was a bit lame and instead of going back and editing it, which would be an endless cycle, I’m moving on with a second post.

I feel as if I left out a couple of my purposes, like documenting my feelings/what has happened recently, like a journal, and pasting things I find useful or interesting.

Recently, I have had an epiphany. There’s this person who is a close friend of someone close to me. This person always seems to want to put me down while exalting themself sneakily. I feel as if people constantly take their side over mine simply because this person seems more educated by using superfluous words and somehow has this persuasive factor about them that people seem to blindly follow. This person takes (apparently to others) subtle swings at me. It’s like they feel the need to put me down and in doing so, feel better about themself, even though this would be eloquently denied by them while knawing on my reputation in return and then giving me a pat on the head like any mutt deserves. Now that that’s out, I’ll clue you in to my epiphany. Yesterday I was thinking of how to describe how this person is, and it finally came to me: CONDESCENDING. It was like I realized a cliche in my life.

So there it is, folks. Right now I’m enjoying my morning OJ (no, not Simpson) and wondering if that Advil I took a while ago is working for my headache.

I got a new bed yesterday. My old bed was like 3 feet off the ground, so this new regularly-sized bed seems like it’s meant for one of Snow White’s friends. The good news is I didn’t feel any springs poking me (yay!). The bad news is I slept in quite possibly the latest I ever have.

Another thing knawing at me in my brain is my English 102 paper. I haven’t started it yet, though I was supposed to have. I should have already completed an outline and started my rough draft for 1500 words. That’s 6 pages! The longest thing I’ve ever written was my parody for AP English in high school at 2220 words.

Haha, Chuck Norris is in my living room right now hypnotizing a little girl. On TV of course.

I guess it’s time to end for now. Until next time, Andrea (in life)