February 26, 2010: Take two

Tonight I went on a date with my boyfriend of nearly 3 and a half years. While on this date, after going to the mall and eating at Red Robin, we decided to drive around. So we went to this cute little town called Mariemont, and drove in awe of its…substance, I’ll call it. We then decided to start heading home. However, something startling is about to happen in this story! We’re pulling up to one of the many stop lights. It goes yellow, so we stop. There is a car behind us and for some reason, weather (ha, a pun) slipping on the freshly falling snow, or not paying attention, they don’t stop. They hit us, go through the red light (lucky for them no one hit them), and flee the scene! Unlucky for them we recorded their license plate number and called 911 for a cop to come out. No one was hurt, but my boyfriend’s poor dent in the back of his car was made worse. And that cop now knows my social security number. Haha. Anyway, that’s what happened. And then the roads turned a happy, though dangerous, white color and we tasted our first Peace Tea. And These are the Days of our Lives.

Until next time, Andrea (in life…I don’t think I’ll put this part anymore. After all, the blog is named it.)

P.S.-Boyfriend, my burger (Prime Chophouse Burger sans steak sauce) was better than yours. 😛