Deep phrases of the day

Running from reality.

Distracting ourselves from life.

When are we going to wake up? We constantly keep on the TV or radio or computer or video games or whatever else. When will we sit down in a quiet, peaceful place and think. I’m not talking about what we’re going/need to do next, our chores, or our responsibilities. Take this “silent wonder” time–also known as Meditation–to think about BEING. Confused? Don’t know where to begin? Think about how you are now, think about where you want to be in 10 years, think about how you’re going to bridge that gap to attain your goals. Think about problems in your life and how they can be solved. It’s time to dig deeper, or your life will pass behind you, while all you were worried about was the silly little things that don’t matter in the grand scheme of things–vanities.

This goes along with Idle Talk and “The They”. We always put our responsibilities on “they”, or society. “They say not to do this” or “You know what they say” or “What will they think”. For once, you should stand up and do what YOU feel/think is right. If you never accept the things you do as your own decision, if you’re always just going with the crowd, how can you ever be happy with your life and decisions? Your life and your decisions will never be yours, they will be “They’s” life and “they’s” decisions. Aside from bad grammar, there is something truly wrong with that picture. As for Idle Talk, or mere passing of information, we should have real Conversations with people. What does that entail? Putting away distractions. True listening on each of the conversationees’ behalf. If you’re truly engrained in the conversation, it’s not mere “hey, nice weather”. It creates a connection.

Meditating/Silent Wonder will bring you to greater awareness, and better round you as a person. Ignorantly being unaware is like a blind man walking toward a cliff. He won’t realize the signs of doom until his life is over, and what a pity that would be. The sad thing is that so many people in our world live this way. They may not even see the signs at their deathbed.

Mindfulness = Awareness = Understanding = Wisdom = Happiness

And here’s the greatest information I can impart at this time: You are the only one who can change yourself. You have to take these steps on your own. Taking just 15 minutes a day to silently reflect on yourself. To think of God’s will for you.

Until next time, Andrea