Earth Hour = Failure at my house.

Sure, I started a few minutes late. That wasn’t the problem…

It was like pulling healthy teeth trying to get people to cooperate. It’s only an hour of your LIFE. Can’t you go without electronics for ONE HOUR!? Apparently not, in my house. I kept following behind my brother turning off lights and scolding him. He was on the laptop nearly the whole time, illuminated by the screen AND a candle I lit for him, but that just wasn’t enough. He kept turning the kitchen light on, even though he wasn’t in the kitchen. One of my older brothers came home from a meeting and asked if the electricity had gone out. I replied that we were observing Earth Hour and he chuckled and left the room. Then, as he was about to leave, he offered this rhetorical question:
“Andrea, do you have any candles I can use for headlights?”

I should have answered “Yes, the moon.” It is nearly full, after all. Though I don’t think a police officer would take Earth Hour as an excuse for not having your headlights on…

It’s only one hour, folks. One year of a homo sapien’s life is 8,760 hours. And yes, I did that multiplication in the dark, writing in the air with my finger (but it is right). So just think: if you’re 20 years old, you have lived outside of the womb for 175,200 HOURS.

If your hurdle is “Well my electricity usage or lack thereof doesn’t have a very profound effect on the earth,” you’re wrong. Everybody counts. Just as sure as your opinions count, your actions toward the environment do. Flipping a switch may be indirectly doing so, but directly or indirectly is influence either way.

If your grudge is with “What can I do without electricity feeding me entertainment and light,” sit quietly and meditate about things, do taxes by candlelight, play board/card games, read a book, do push-ups, snuggle, nap, moon-gaze, play thumb wars, count to 1,000, WHATEVER! There are lots of things to do but we’ve let our brains go to an even mushier mush than is normal by letting TVs, computers, mp3 players and whatever else autopilot our creativity, and frankly, our lives.

“I can’t lose that hour of my life because there is work to be done!” If that’s what you’re thinking, think again! What you don’t realize is that meditation is a much needed thing in everyone’s life. It’s needed more than clean floors, more than tidy rooms, more than your favorite show.

AND CHEW ON THIS: 200 years ago and beyond, people did without electricity all the time. ALL the time. If they could do their chores and things without it, we can too…unless we are helpless eggs in electric incubators.

So Eggs, I hope you ponder all of this. But wait, you’re probably too busy or something.

Until next time, Andrea