Things I should be doing but instead I’m writing this blog about what to do:

Well, first off I should be recording the past 3 days’ worth of dreams in my dream journal. For some reason, instead of writing them down in my journal, I text their summaries as a note into my phone. Then I let it get backed up until my phone has no more memory to waste on dreams.

Now that that’s over, I’d like to recommend a half hour of your life to listen to this through and through, called “Framing Our Mind”:

Alright. Man, I had a list going in my head tonight. Oh, here popped one. I want to keep it kind of secret, but I want it in text to remind me in case I forget. This idea of what I want to do involves song books and empty sheet music. Among names for the final product, “Commemoration” would be a key word.

What else…I’m pretty sure I wanted to write a poem about something. I can’t remember the subject for it though.

Here’s another thing: My stock pile of ideas for paintings is continuously growing. I feel like I need a greater amount of memory space in my head. And I need supplies to paint with so I can get my ideas out!

Today I felt in a pretty creative mood, stemming over from my simile-metaphorical homework answers late last night for college. I kept thinking of things to do, like with music and art and I made my boyfriend laugh! He claims it was a chuckle…but I know better. We were hanging out in the church parking lot with a few others just chatting, and kind of getting on a deeper level of communication. It was nice. We won’t get into the whole Kristine parking 6 inches from Jesse’s car thing.

My hair wouldn’t cooperate today. Just thought I’d throw that in there. So it got put in a chopstick bun. I’m pretty sure I poked someone in the eye with it when I was hugging them.

It rained today.

Ahhh! Attack of the tinnitus!

I really felt like I had more to say in this blog. I’ve dropped the blog…I mean ball. lol. Okay I’m getting too silly for the ‘net to handle.

Until next time, Andrea