I’ll have the uh…Serious, with a dash of salt and hold the mayo.

Here’s that post from March 16 that I’ve been letting age gracefully.

Is it seriously uncool to be serious online?
Or is it all the time
that you feel sublime?

I don’t know what it is, but I feel like everybody just shrugs off all of the serious things that are brought up. The subject is quickly averted, and I feel no one truly listens to what I have to say unless it’s
some kind of joke
and it really provokes

It doesn’t float my boat to always be bouncing off surface waves of laughter and chuckles. It’s avoidance to the Nth degree and it’s no way to be satisfied with life, which is more than mere intermittent exhalation. Somewhere along the line someone’s feelings will get hurt and then what? Everybody shrugs it off–they don’t know how to deal with it any other way. And that hurt person will feel there is no other way but to isolate themselves from those people, or otherwise join them and forget their feelings–become a robot.

You know the jobs that they don’t need people anymore for, like factories and phone calls, because they have machines to do it for them? The way things are going, you won’t need friends.

Now…I know people who wouldn’t even take this post seriously if they read it. They would say I’m “overreacting”, “complaining”, or just blow it off and move on, like birthday candles. That’s it.
I don’t know what else to do
if language doesn’t even get through
to you.

I’m not saying everything needs to be serious. Not at all.
No, you need not let your spirit fall.
But please hearken to my earnest call.
Use your sense before you “lol”.

Now, the reason I’ve held this draft without posting it is because I was going to post a link to a sermon preached recently after I drafted this that had something interesting in it, though I can’t recall what it was now, but I tried going through the sermons and couldn’t find it. You’re free to listen to them at http://www.lynchburgfaithbaptist.com/sermons-music/sermons/