Things To Love About Winter (I’ll be adding to this…)

1. Waking up on the 25th and seeing magically pure white flakes falling, knitting into the white blanket below it
2. Snuggling up by a fire, getting rosy cheeks
3. Hot chocolate and cookies
4. Twinkling ornamental lights brightening up houses at night
5. Breath frost
6. Icicle popsicles
7. Snowcream (i must try this this year–like ice cream but made from snow)
8. Men made of gingerbread
9. Pom pom toboggans and long scarves
10. Taking a rocket through a star field during a night snow shower on an empty road with your high beams on
11. Hovercraft snow flakes turning the road into a swirly river
12. Rising early in the morning to hear those two wonderful words: School’s cancelled
13. Classics from your childhood ride the radio waves for a month
14. Families reunite to feast and give you presents
15. Reminder of the wonderful Gift sent to the world so long ago to allow us to enter heaven’s pearly gates–and all you have to do is accept
16. Skating on ice
17. Wearing toe socks