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  • Andrea 11:16 pm on March 22, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    Kind of dead. Sorry ’bout that. 

    I saved a draft of an entry 6 days ago and I still havn’t done that last bit of research to kind of wrap it up. It’s a bit on the “beef” side, my feelings about something. And maybe if it’s a little too strong I can tone it down with a more detached perspective since it’s sat a week to marinate.

    Aside from that, I can’t wait for Spring to arrive and bring me flowers. Yep, I’m “one of those” girls. I had my muffler patched today, so I can rest more assured my hearing won’t go out in the next year.

    I really miss kittens. I know that’s a kind of random thing to pitch in a blog but I grew up always having a mother cat popping out kittens and I’d always adopt them and me and my brother and sister would call dibs on certain favorites and name them. But now, after several SEVERAL tragedies, we’re left with a tom cat and he’s obviously not birthing kittens any time soon. He does call stray female cats to our house to eat our cat food and he spreads his seed through them, but they don’t stick around. lol, “They come, they eat, they leave,” like in the Disney film A Bug’s Life. I even miss their claws digging into me. Sigh. For the sake of the blog, I won’t get all foggy…or is it misty? Yep, it’s misty. Just Googled it.

    Today was my boyfriend and I’s (um, I fall into that English trap a lot) 3 and 1/2 year mark in our relationship. How about that? And today was International Goof-Off Day. I guess I goofed off because I didn’t know it was goof-off day until 45 minutes before today (tomorrow). Please don’t be confused. It’s technically today, the 23rd of March, but I haven’t gone to bed yet so it’s still yesterday, the 22nd, the actual 3 and 1/2 year mark, to me. I’m sure this will happen again sometime.

    Alright, I suppose I’ll go off to bed now. I hope to quit muddling around and finish my drafted blog soon, seeing that Spring Break will be over next week. It’s been too short.

    Until next time, Andrea

    • Jesse 12:36 am on March 23, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      oh dear

    • Tommy Dabbs :D 1:28 pm on March 23, 2010 Permalink | Reply


    • Andrea 8:05 pm on March 23, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      wow. such short comments.

      thank you Tommy.

      ummm i’m surprised you guys came and commented anyway.

  • Andrea 8:31 pm on March 11, 2010 Permalink | Reply

    Deep phrases of the day 

    Running from reality.

    Distracting ourselves from life.

    When are we going to wake up? We constantly keep on the TV or radio or computer or video games or whatever else. When will we sit down in a quiet, peaceful place and think. I’m not talking about what we’re going/need to do next, our chores, or our responsibilities. Take this “silent wonder” time–also known as Meditation–to think about BEING. Confused? Don’t know where to begin? Think about how you are now, think about where you want to be in 10 years, think about how you’re going to bridge that gap to attain your goals. Think about problems in your life and how they can be solved. It’s time to dig deeper, or your life will pass behind you, while all you were worried about was the silly little things that don’t matter in the grand scheme of things–vanities.

    This goes along with Idle Talk and “The They”. We always put our responsibilities on “they”, or society. “They say not to do this” or “You know what they say” or “What will they think”. For once, you should stand up and do what YOU feel/think is right. If you never accept the things you do as your own decision, if you’re always just going with the crowd, how can you ever be happy with your life and decisions? Your life and your decisions will never be yours, they will be “They’s” life and “they’s” decisions. Aside from bad grammar, there is something truly wrong with that picture. As for Idle Talk, or mere passing of information, we should have real Conversations with people. What does that entail? Putting away distractions. True listening on each of the conversationees’ behalf. If you’re truly engrained in the conversation, it’s not mere “hey, nice weather”. It creates a connection.

    Meditating/Silent Wonder will bring you to greater awareness, and better round you as a person. Ignorantly being unaware is like a blind man walking toward a cliff. He won’t realize the signs of doom until his life is over, and what a pity that would be. The sad thing is that so many people in our world live this way. They may not even see the signs at their deathbed.

    Mindfulness = Awareness = Understanding = Wisdom = Happiness

    And here’s the greatest information I can impart at this time: You are the only one who can change yourself. You have to take these steps on your own. Taking just 15 minutes a day to silently reflect on yourself. To think of God’s will for you.

    Until next time, Andrea

    • Jason 5:33 am on March 16, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      I agree that being aware is always good and I believe too many people are just going through the motions of everyday life with very little thought about why they are actually here, but…where you mention thinking about where you want to be in 10 years – I’m not sure that’s worth spending too much time thinking about.

      After all, Matthew 6:34 says “Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself…” If you live within God’s will he may take you a totally different direction than what you expect. If your dad would have went with his own plan, he’d be a farmer…

      I think our own plans can sometimes be a tool of Satan, if we aren’t sometimes willing to depart from them.

      • Andrea 10:47 pm on March 16, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        That’s a really great point I hadn’t thought of. It was an exercise in our philosophy class to think about where we would like to be in 10 years and how to get from here to there. I figured it was a starting point for people who have no idea what to start thinking about, but I guess it wasn’t the best approach. How did you find me?

    • Jason 3:15 am on March 17, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      You made a link on your MySpace blog to this site. I like reading blogs and the comments section of news stories…I’m a bit boring, lol.

  • Andrea 10:33 pm on March 6, 2010 Permalink | Reply


    Thursday I was skimming my Philosophy book–here’s a link to an online version (
    and I found a section about idle chatter. I wasn’t just skimming out of curiosity, I was doing homework questions. But anyway, I read it and it really spoke to me. No, I’m not crazy, it didn’t actually produce sounds; you know what I mean. In a nutshell, it said there are people who never rise above idle talk–mere passing of information–to dialogue/conversation. I got thinking: all communication is the passing of information. Seriously. So I wondered how I could rise above that; I’m not a fan of small talk, and I would like to have more penetrating conversations. What subject could I talk about with people that was deep and not idle chatter? I let the thought alone to settle in my brain and then it hit me (I think it was the next day): it isn’t a subject at all that gets you beyond idle chatter. A quote from the above book is this:
    “Instead of struggling with how and what to BE, we focus on what to DO,” which is exactly what I was doing. What pushes us beyond idle talk is the effort we put into conversing. Going beyond mere surface information, half-heartedly talking, into pure listening and responding, having no distractions. To enter fully into conversation, head-on.

    Moving on.

    Amid the quarrels of loved ones dear to me and thinking about life, last night I had a facebook status that went like this:
    life is such a struggle. i struggle when i’m awake, i struggle in my dreams. i find myself on the verge of quitting sometimes. tossing in the towel. saying “i’m done”. then i realize…without me in the world, who would be saying this? who would be getting the word out? but then…who really reads this anyway?

    I also had an epiphany:
    EPIPHANY #982: my life is more than a smiling picture. that’s why i have a straight face.

    But looking beyond the fog of last night to today…

    I experienced a rather pleasant Theme Song Moment! I had Ladies’ Meeting to get to at the church, and I didn’t want to be late. I wasn’t really running late, but cutting it close. So I was kinda rushing, getting out the door, hopping in my car. Then I start the car and right away, it was like I was transported to galloping on a horse valiantly for a noble quest. I had my Elvis CD in and when I turned the key, the song “Surrender” began. It feels slightly James Bond with a hint of Tango dancing. It was amazing. It made me smile one of those smiles that makes me think about how much I love those little magical moments in life that just make time stop and warmth invade. It’s like a big, satisfied sigh. Then I got to church and had a lovely fellowship with my fellow sisters in Christ.

    Haha…thinking about what happened in my day before this, I just laughed, I would have put that it was boring and I had basically nothing to do but switch from being on the computer and watching TV. But I also sought to entertain myself with paper matches and toilet paper…and burnt my nail in the process, which is quite alright. It was a fun 5 minutes.

    And then I called and talked to Jesse on our “Challenge Phone”–the phone company did something to where when we call anyone, it immediately goes to their voicemail and THEN rings. So when they pick up, you’re trying to talk over the automated voicemail woman. And if the phone you’re calling doesn’t have voicemail, it goes to a busy signal when you call. Anyway, the call terminates after about a minute and a half. And sometimes, our number shows up on the caller ID as our neighbors’ phone number down the road. This predicament will not be fixed until Monday afternoon, so meanwhile, I’m using Yahoo! Messenger’s PC-to-PC calling feature.

    I also wanted–and still want–to draw what our campsite would be like…you know…if I’m allowed to go. My excitement needs a little bit of solidification. I’ll get to that after I’m done writing this (hopefully).

    It is now 10:32pm and I believe it’s time to quit. Just so you know, I haven’t been writing this whole time. Ok…

    Until next time, Andrea

  • Andrea 7:40 pm on March 1, 2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: camping   

    Camping, perhaps 

    Alright, I gotta write about being excited about a camping trip to Hocking Hills. It’s not set in stone, and I’m not even sure I’ll be allowed to go, but man it gets me exited to think about it.

    Just picture it (if you’re not passionate about the great outdoors then you might get bored): Being in the beautiful southeast of Ohio, surrounded by caves, waterfalls, wildlife, and friends. After the long drive out there, all you have to look forward to is the weekend, sustaining your existence by yourself. After setting up camp, you make supper and check out the grounds a little. Maybe load up and go for a short hike and then return to start your first camp fire of the trip. The sun sinks into the trees and everyone gathers around the fire to read the Bible and talk. Then we all enter the bellies of our tents and fall asleep listening to crickets–that is, if you remembered the bug spray!

    It sounds so good to go camping with peers instead of parents; to get a feel for living outside of under-the-wing. To culture a closer bond with nature and friends. Even the details of packing gets my mind racing. Instead of being cared for, I’ll be the one caring, like surviving on my own.

    Alright, that’s it for now.

    Until next time, Andrea

  • Andrea 12:02 am on February 27, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    February 26, 2010: Take two 

    Tonight I went on a date with my boyfriend of nearly 3 and a half years. While on this date, after going to the mall and eating at Red Robin, we decided to drive around. So we went to this cute little town called Mariemont, and drove in awe of its…substance, I’ll call it. We then decided to start heading home. However, something startling is about to happen in this story! We’re pulling up to one of the many stop lights. It goes yellow, so we stop. There is a car behind us and for some reason, weather (ha, a pun) slipping on the freshly falling snow, or not paying attention, they don’t stop. They hit us, go through the red light (lucky for them no one hit them), and flee the scene! Unlucky for them we recorded their license plate number and called 911 for a cop to come out. No one was hurt, but my boyfriend’s poor dent in the back of his car was made worse. And that cop now knows my social security number. Haha. Anyway, that’s what happened. And then the roads turned a happy, though dangerous, white color and we tasted our first Peace Tea. And These are the Days of our Lives.

    Until next time, Andrea (in life…I don’t think I’ll put this part anymore. After all, the blog is named it.)

    P.S.-Boyfriend, my burger (Prime Chophouse Burger sans steak sauce) was better than yours. 😛

  • Andrea 7:52 pm on February 26, 2010 Permalink | Reply

    Do I really have to title every blog? 

    I realize my last (and first) entry was a bit lame and instead of going back and editing it, which would be an endless cycle, I’m moving on with a second post.

    I feel as if I left out a couple of my purposes, like documenting my feelings/what has happened recently, like a journal, and pasting things I find useful or interesting.

    Recently, I have had an epiphany. There’s this person who is a close friend of someone close to me. This person always seems to want to put me down while exalting themself sneakily. I feel as if people constantly take their side over mine simply because this person seems more educated by using superfluous words and somehow has this persuasive factor about them that people seem to blindly follow. This person takes (apparently to others) subtle swings at me. It’s like they feel the need to put me down and in doing so, feel better about themself, even though this would be eloquently denied by them while knawing on my reputation in return and then giving me a pat on the head like any mutt deserves. Now that that’s out, I’ll clue you in to my epiphany. Yesterday I was thinking of how to describe how this person is, and it finally came to me: CONDESCENDING. It was like I realized a cliche in my life.

    So there it is, folks. Right now I’m enjoying my morning OJ (no, not Simpson) and wondering if that Advil I took a while ago is working for my headache.

    I got a new bed yesterday. My old bed was like 3 feet off the ground, so this new regularly-sized bed seems like it’s meant for one of Snow White’s friends. The good news is I didn’t feel any springs poking me (yay!). The bad news is I slept in quite possibly the latest I ever have.

    Another thing knawing at me in my brain is my English 102 paper. I haven’t started it yet, though I was supposed to have. I should have already completed an outline and started my rough draft for 1500 words. That’s 6 pages! The longest thing I’ve ever written was my parody for AP English in high school at 2220 words.

    Haha, Chuck Norris is in my living room right now hypnotizing a little girl. On TV of course.

    I guess it’s time to end for now. Until next time, Andrea (in life)

  • Andrea 4:28 am on February 25, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    I now exist on WordPress. 

    Today, or should I say tonight, is the big night. I have finally created a WordPress blog. It always makes me apprehensive when I have to choose a permanent username because I tend to find myself making dumb names for myself (i.e. fudge_miller24) which I end up stuck with for life.

    Anyway, I had this idea tonight in church about making a site documenting my opinions, advice, and quirks. So here I am, world…even though this is just a community, not the world. I’m not even sure anybody will read this besides myself.

    If you’re wondering about the name, Andrea in life, that’s just what I thought was best at the moment. Something short that wouldn’t give my full identity to all the thieves out there and yet cause inspiration (one can hope).

    Until next time, Andrea (in life)

  • Andrea 8:37 pm on October 23, 2007 Permalink | Reply
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    Juanes-Para Tu Amor

  • Andrea 8:35 pm on October 23, 2007 Permalink | Reply  

    it’s been about a month. my b-day is tomorrow! you know what? i think i shall write what i was going to type in my actual diary so i don’t repeat everything. but here’s a summary. me and jesse made pacman costumes for the costume party. we got pulled over when he was driving me home because of the costumes. we got a new part in a work. it’s part of a chrysler hemi engine. now that i have a bunch of work to do, i have a bunch of homework to do too. it’s making me crazy! i made molasses cookes yesterday. they’re pretty good. molasses just about made me gag. the smell at least. chili supper friday! trick or treat thursday! next friday is variety show. this saturday is my hot date. ooooooooo jesssssssssssssse. L8r n Love, Andee

  • Andrea 7:37 pm on September 27, 2007 Permalink | Reply  

    now that i have a dumb myspace nobody comes here anymore. as if there were a bunch of people who came here anyway. oh well. it’s my online journal i’ll do what i want! well, i’ll explain my and jesse’s anniversary date. he planned it all. it was a surprise to me. he blindfolded me, made a bunch of turns, and we drove for probably a half hour or so. then we stopped. he asked if he could trust me to stay put while he did something for like 5 minutes. i said yeah so he got stuff out of the back seat and handed me an easter egg and a piece of paper. he left me sitting in the car for a little while. then he came back and told me he was going to take me out and sit me down. he took me out and sat me on a picnic table bench and told me to count to 500 mississippi then take off the blindfold, read the paper, and open the egg. then he changed it to 400 mississippi. and he stuffed a knife in my pocket and i asked if i was going to get attacked by a bear. but anyway, then he got in his car and drove off. so i counted. 1 mississippi…2 mississippi…3 mississippi…blah blah blah. that’s a pain to write. but anyway, i counted then took off the blindfold to see that i had never been in this place before. but it was a wildlife campground. i ended up seeing a deer, but i’ll get to that. i read the note and it basically said he was sending me on a scavenger hunt (not really…it was an easter egg hunt). in the egg was a hint and a little (terrible) map to the egg. each egg had this. and in case the hint wasn’t good enough, he had a little answer paper in there too. although the color of the next egg was always wrong. so i found the first egg in a grill. second egg by a tree under a leaf. third at a stop sign. fourth i dont remember right now. fifth under a bench. sixth on the camp sign. and the sixth had no answer paper. he expected me to know. the map showed to turn left but the hint led me right and i stumbled upon jesse prematurely. so he sent me away to find the last egg and i never did. i just ended up going back to him. it was out on a gravel bar on the lake. i took the gravel path in the woods. but anyway! he had a picnic with a picnic basket and blanket and lemonade with real lemons. and he gave me a promise ring and told me how he made two rings but ended up messing them up. so he bought one. and then we…ate. then the mosquitoes were driving us insane so we packed up and drove around and went to putt putt. but it was too late for 18 holes so we watched people and we ate our dessert. then we stopped at walmart b/c we were thirsty and the stupid machine ate the only 2 quarters he had so we got out the lemonade (which leaked everywhere…the container was bad i guess) and i sucked in a chunk of lemon so that was the end of that. i spit it out the window. then he brought me home and kissed me goodnight and i took a shower. and went to sleep. then woke up for church. but in one of the eggs he put this dog-tag necklace his mom had ingraved for me: “ANDREA IF LOST CALL JESSE” and his phone number. my day today wasn’t very good. the periods seemed waaaaaaay too short. i worked up to and past the bell. i had to get a note from mrs. p (home ec) b/c i was in her class like 5 minutes extra. dealing with bread dough. then i had to fight off the mad starving hooligan boys in trig. they took my stuff hostage but learned real quick that that’s not the way we roll towards andrea. ha! roll! get it…bread…puh. and then fifth period i lost my promise ring for the first time. see, we go to the bathroom before lunch and wash our hands of course. well i take off my ring. and i set it on the soap dispenser. well i forgot it b/c i musta been caught up in jibber jabber with lauren, katie, or kristine. so i get in the lunchroom and sit down. piddle for a few minutes. then i’m about to pray when AH! i feel my finger and IT’S GONE!!! i panic. it dawns on me. katie sees me and she goes “go get it!” so i jump up and run (no joke) to the bathroom and thank goodness, it was still there. we’re not allowed to go out of the lunchroom without asking first but no teacher said a word to me. last time they did though. so i went back to the table and i felt horrible. and i just wanted to hug my ring. but it’s too small. but anyway, we ate. then went back to studyhall. then the bell rang again and i wait for my friends of course. so i go to my locker, get my drumsticks, put back my spanish stuff, and wait on kristine. then we set out for stomp class. don’t even hear the minute bell go off. the bell rings when we’re at the end of the hall and mr. carr’s at his door, standing, watching, as well as annoying tony. he points his finger after we start to run. go to the office we’re late. so we go and the office lady was surprised at us. kristine has a detention for being late to school 3 times. she and i will get one if we’re late again. i told her i can’t wait for her anymore, lol. ooo i was MAD. and when we got back to class what did we hear? tony and evan making fun of us for being late. b/c they got busted one time for being late (at the end of the hall) when me and kristine were just coming in the door, running. i told kristine everything’s a lose-lose situation for students. run in the hall, detention. late for class, detention. 7th period was good though. mrs willis knows how to make you laugh. and lauren and kristine are so funny in there. (what is it with me and eggs!? LOL) but mrs. w likes to tell us stories from her life. she’s been like all around the world. but i wont get into that. then i get home and jesse has texted me about my myspace saying something about money (he takes it as i’m a gold-digger or something). and i set him straight. then he says i’m deleted from his friend list and blocked so i check, and i am. so i read his comments and he says im a jerk for not commenting him. when i was the last one to comment. so i tell him that and i tell him about my not-so-good day and he apologized. but he had to get back to work. and i was working on sunroof parts here at my house. i got a box of 900 done. one more to go. i think i’ll do it on saturday. wow this is EXTREMELY long. i’ll go. L8r n Love, Andee

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