i went shopping yesterday at an outlet mall. i got 5 tank tops, 5
panties, 3 teeshirts, and a pair of flip flops. i went with sara,
though we were apart for most of it. but two days ago jackie called and
wanted me to feed her dog’s puppy that’s too weak to suck and i thought
she meant later that day. but she meant yesterday. and i wanted to go
shopping. however, the puppy died during the night. and i didnt have
work, so i went with sara. the cat had her kittens!!! she had 6 but one
died during the first night. so there’s five and right now they’re
white but they’re going to turn wink’s color. their ears are already
darkening. i’ve been arranging the back porch alot. and i gave maya and
req a flea bath. maya escaped before i was finished rinsing her so i
had to chase her around the house and get her when she went on the
porch and put a leash on her and drag her back to the washtub. i tried
a couple times to grab her though but she was just so slippery! and
she’d lay on her back on the ground and roll the opposite direction i
was pushing her so she wouldnt move. but i finally got her back and
then when i finished rinsing her and drying her with the towel, she
wouldnt leave. puh. but req just kept looking at skippy so i kept
shoving his face. i drove with dad the other day. smooth on the way,
rough on the way back. lol at the teen thing sunday caleb was drawing
me. i dont know why. and jesse tried on my glasses…mmmm lol. no work
again today. i’ve hit a low record with my units on my phone. i’m in
the 40’s. ha ha jesse. i love you. L8r n Love, Andee
btw i’m changing the background to the funny shirt i got…it’s sooo
funny…i title it “SAD ICECREAMS”.